Petition Training


We won the battle, but the war on voting rights rages on.

Since stopping HB194, many of the most harmful pieces on that single bill are being considered in the Ohio Legislature as separate individual bills. Today, the Ohio Voters Bill of Rights campaign leads another broad-based coalition of civic, religious, elected and labor leaders from across the state to protect voting rights – this time seeking an Ohio Constitutional Amendment. As an Amendment to the State Constitution, voters will be guaranteed specific rights that cannot be eliminated or watered down by statehouse politicians.

Petitioning 101

1)     Review Talking Points Prior to Circulating Petitions

2)     Remember: ONLY Ohio Registered Voters can sign the petition.

3)     Petition circulators must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a U.S. citizen at least 18 years of age
  • Not be on parole, probation or part of a registry — Former convicted felons CAN collect signatures so long as they are NOT parole or probation and are NOT part of any criminal justice registry system.

4)     You MUST witness ALL signatures.

  1. Do not allow a petition to be taken out of your sight to be signed
  2. Do not leave a petition where you will not be able to witness ALL signatures (i.e. reception desk)
  3. If going door-to-door, do not allow the petition to be taken inside to be signed by another person (you must witness the person signing the petition)
  4. Do not allow a spouse or loved one to sign for a relative

5)     Person signing must provide their physical address

  1. NO Post Office Boxes
  2. Be certain to ask each person signing if they have moved since they last voted. If they have moved since they last voted, ask them to complete a Voter Registration Update, it takes 30 seconds or so to complete.

6)     Carefully read the person’s name and address as they are filling out the petition before you take the petition from them.

7)     Ward and Precinct box is NOT required

8)     DO NOT Sign your own petition – you cannot witness your own petition

9)     DO NOT complete the Statement of Circulator until you have finished circulating

10)  NEVER promise anything of value in return for a signature

11)  NEVER misrepresent what the petition does. If you do not know the answer, just say, “I don’t have the answer.”

12)  Sign in blue or black ink. Petitions must be signed in ink.

Returning Petitions

Please return completed petition(s) to the Petition Office located at 1349 East Broad Street, Columbus OH 43205.
You may return petitions with one or more signature boxes filled-in.
Please be sure to complete and sign your 
Circulator Statement before returning petitions.