Dos and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts

  • DO ask everyone that signs if they are an Ohio registered. If they say “YES,” ask them what county they are registered to vote.
  • DO read the Voter Bill of Rights so that you know what the Amendment will provide.
  • DO give signers time to read the Amendment if they wish to do so.
  • DO have everyone sign in either black or blue ink.
  • DO make sure all signatures and accompanying information are legible.
  • DO be pleasant, polite, upbeat and cooperative with potential signers.
  • DO NOT sign for or allow anyone else to sign another person. A person may sign his or her signature in the signature block. However, there are provisions that allow someone else to sign for a handicapped person provided that signor has power of attorney and proof thereof.
  • DO NOT alter, erase or add notes to the signature boxes on your petition. Mistakes should be crossed-out by the petition circulator with a simple line.
  • DO NOT sign your own petition. Remember, you are witnessing the signature of others. You cannot witness your own signature, so don’t sign your own petition. Instead, sign a colleague’s petition.
  • One last thing: DO HAVE FUN! Circulating the Voter Bill of Rights petition is a great way to meet people and introduce them to this important issue. Besides, you’re going to make history.

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