Completing the Statement of Circulator


Properly Completing the Statement of Circulator

When you return your petition (even if it contains only one signature), DON’T FORGET to complete the Circulator Statement on the back page. Other than the individual signatures, this may be the most important part of your petition. Carefully read these instructions before filling-out the Circulator Statement. If you have any questions whatsoever, please ask.

IMPORTANT – Steps for filling out the Circulator Statement

STEP 1: Print your first and last name. After “I” print your entire name, first and last.

STEP 2:  Fill-in the number of signatures on your petition. Count ALL of the signatures on your petition. Do not count blank boxes or when you have struck a name. The Hamilton County Board of Elections will review the petition signatures and they determine validity. Write the total number of signatures in the petition on the line preceding “electors.”

Example: If your petition contains 24 filled-in signature boxes (i.e. with signatures in the boxes), BUT one box has a line through it and another has a squiggle where someone started to sign, but then decided not to finish. Then draw a line through the signature box where the person decided not to finish (so you do not count the box) and on the Statement of Circulator, you would write number 22 on the line. That’s because of the 24 signature boxes that are filled-in, two would not be counted because they are struck through.

STEP 3: Leave the line before “(Name and address of Employer)” blank. Unless an authorized representative of the campaign has told you otherwise, you are NOT an employee of the campaign. You are a volunteer. Thus, you should leave this line blank.

STEP 4: Sign the statement. Remember, when you sign on this line, you are legally stating that you personally witnessed all of the signatures on your petition.

STEP 5: Print your permanent address. Generally speaking, this will be the address at which you are registered to vote.

STEP 6: Print the name of your city, village or township. Please print the name of the city, village or township.

STEP 7: Print the state and zip code. This is the last step. Once you finish here, please review the page before turning-in the petition booklet.