What it does

The Ohio Voters Bill of Rights:

THE RIGHT TO VOTE – All Ohio citizens 18 years of age or older, who are registered to vote 30 days prior to the election have a fundamental right to cast a ballot and have their vote counted.

VOTER REGISTRATION STRENGTHENED – The State of Ohio shall make voter registration for all eligible citizens easy and accessible, even through electronic means.

STRENGTHENS VOTING-BY-MAIL – Allows for greater access to Vote-By-Mail to ease the strain on Election Day voting process. Applications can be made via US Mail, and electronic means from the comfort of one’s home. Boards of Election officials have the authority to expand the times and location of Early Voting to make voting easier.

VOTER ID – Requires registered voter to provide identification or last four digits of his or her Social Security Number to be permitted to vote. Identification includes utility bills, bank statements, paycheck, and government issued check, as well as current Military or Government issued IDs.

MAINTAINS TIME TO VOTE – Gives 35 days for Early Voting to take place either in person or via the US Mail. This time frame cannot be reduced.

HELPS WORKING FAMILIES – Requires that Early Voting stations be open the weekend before the election to allow working families and the Faith Based Community to be able to participate in Saturday afternoon and Sunday Early Voting opportunities.

ADDRESSES RIGHT CHURCH, WRONG PEW VOTING – Makes certain that voters who cast their ballot where election officials instructed, have their ballot cast, even if they cast a ballot in the wrong precinct are by no fault of their own.

GETS TOUGH ON VOTER FRAUD – Toughens the voting laws regarding Voter Fraud to add greater protections to the process of voting.